3 Percent Real Estate

1808 Southwest Boulevard, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109, United States

Office (573) 761-3318 Text (573) 694-1501

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Douglas Puckett



 Douglas has spent his entire life living and working in the Jefferson City area.   Growing up Douglas attended Jefferson City schools before going on to earn an MBA with undergrads in accounting and finance. For the past 16 years he has worked as a REALTOR helping buyers and sellers.

Watching the Real Estate industry evolve over the past decade, Douglas determined the model is outdated & broken. Sellers are paying way more per transaction than is reasonably justifiable and Douglas has vowed to do something about it. That something is 3 Percent Real Estate..

Molly Rhodes



 Molly handles the marketing construction of our Listing Services.  Other responsibilities include Social Media, Advertising and Client interactional tracking &  update engagement. 


New Agents coming!


3 Percent has new agents in training coming soon.